Plus Size Photoshoot

With all the focus on body love in the media I thought it would be nice to share a plus size photoshoot to show women of all  sizes and shapes can look fabulous. We can’t all pick our body shape, sometimes its down to genetics  , diet , thyroid issues (the list goes on ) whether we lean to the larger or smaller end of the scale but I love to photograph the beauty that is within each person as they are. Rebelle is a pure doll but also a feisty feminist writer and blogger whom I got to know online a few years back . We hit it off and have championed each other along our rollercoaster journeys in business ever since  .  I love shooting her and love having her in my advertising campaigns as well as I feel there are not enough companies promoting plus size women in Ireland.  You can see her on the banner of my facebook page here 🙂 I also wanted to coax her out of the black she usually wears as I am so guilty of this myself…look how stunning these colours were on her and her newly blonde hair is just adorable.

Since meeting Rebelle she has inspired me to love my body more for how it is …I do confess Im still a bit reluctant to ‘not’ retouch a photo of myself or filter it …that comes with growing a bit older now… as soon as you drift through your thirties and get comfortable with your body your face slowly starts to fall down lol! No winning ladies is there? ! For that reason I would suggest anyone even thinking of having a photoshoot done..just do it … there is no perfect time. You may never be the perfect size , height, weight but these are my words to every woman that steps in front of my lens ; ” What would you think if you were now aged 90 , old and wrinkly  looking back at these images of yourself ..would you think you looked good” ? Damn right you would ! So take those selfies , be photographed by a loved one or a professional but don’t let your body issues stop you. I missed out on ten years of my own family photos, dodging the camera at every turn and boy am I sorry now leafing through our family albums. I struggle to find pictures of myself and bitterly regret it .

Rebelle has been on her own journey with her weight and conveys this so well with her amazingly humorous writing style  .. she has recently been added to the Huffington Post team ..yes you read that correctly.   You can keep up with her journey on her articles here .. there are too many talents this girl has to list so go have a peek for yourself and show her some love.

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