Marias boudoir photoshoot, It’s so nice to be able to share real life experiences from time to time , given that boudoir can be such a private affair depending on your career or even the fact that most of these photoshoots are done as a surprise for someone special .  I had a visit from a wonderful client Maria recently and when she sent me this testimonial I was half tempted to just condense it down to 2 lines ! Why?  As a photographer / artist creative and more so as a person who finds it hard to take compliments, I felt so flattered and humbled that someone took the time to even write all this for me but also a bit red faced at the prospect of ‘bigging up myself’ ! (Very Irish I know lol) !

I decided to leave it in for the purpose of someone getting a feel for what that kind of experience is like start to finish.  My home studio is by strict appointment only  and sessions are not booked back to back so nobody will be passing you in the doorway knowing that you have done a boudoir / makeover photoshoot ! Sometimes there are little fears like that people tell me they have so its worth mentioning.  Thank you Maria for your kind words  I am such a lucky person to get to work with amazing women like you .

Marias Boudoir Photoshoot, In her own words:

I had always wanted to do a Boudoir shoot but always thought I never had a reason to get it done! That .. and “can they really make me look glamorous and beautiful” but then a special birthday was approaching and I was like “its now or never”. With a lot of time searching studios to do this I came across Boudoir Girls ..I looked at every pic and read the studio styles available . It was gothic and four poster bed that helped clinch the booking . I booked months in advance making that commitment and treat to myself.

I had lots of questions and Natalie patiently answered every one already settling my nerves. I sent on sample pics of the type of shoot I wanted and Natalie was already excited ! Of course there was a bit of blind panic “what have I done”..theres no backing out now “! but there was also that excitement of what will the finished little black book look like.

I got the hair done the night before and headed off on my travels the next day. From the time I arrived I received the warmest welcome and I knew this was going to be a lovely experience. Natalie helped me in with my many bags and from the moment we got into the house there was time for a chat and to get settled . Nothing felt rushed.  I had my makeup applied , a cup of tea and homemade buns to top it all off. We chatted , laughed and then it was time to get ready.

Yes I brought my dressing gown for modesty ..Im shy! But I had no reason to be. A deep breath it came and it was shoot time. Natalie demonstrated a few poses for me , showing me where to look etc. and even managed to chat throughout. We moved room to room and with the encouragement she gave me at every click I felt I should be doing it professionally lol! I only saw a sneaky peek of about 4 pics but I was already excited for the album . Natalie was very patient and she understood this was ‘my shoot’ so if I thought of an idea there was always time to try it. I never felt rushed.

Then it came to the last room each as beautiful if not more than the other , I felt I was nailing it and didn’t need the dressing gown between set ups. Not many people can make you feel that way.  The shoot ended it was time to say goodbye and wait .. Lord I think choosing my final pics was harder than the actual shoot for real . Every one as good as the next.

In less than 2 weeks the book was ready and I also chose to get an enlarged print of my favourite image so I decided to collect all in person. Again the welcome and the chat and then the reveal. How it was presented was so pretty . The little touches …again never rushed even though my daughter and I were there on a saturday with your family .

I am very happy with my book . Something that most definitely will be treasured.  An album I have shown my daughter..any why not . She’s proud of me…women need to encourage each other . We are all amazing and all beautiful.

Thank you Natalie for being the one to capture my once in a lifetime Boudoir shoot !


All images with strict permission )