My memories of camping back in the days make me shudder involved me wearing a motorbike helmet all night due to the cold,  pitching on  spider nests by accident, feeling my bones on the cold frosty floor of the tent and nearly dying of hypothermia  ! It makes me run screaming for a hotel whenever it has been mentioned in the past as a family ‘to do’ ! *NO*

Well Glamping has taken over now – its all fancy,  chic and super comfortable and I have to say ‘I definitely would’ in fact we might just invent an excuse for a girly retreat so we can try it out! No better excuse to investigate further than a lovely hen group who were booked into Galway Glamping in Tuam (only back the road from me – I had no idea there was such a place!)  A quick chat with Kathleen for directions and I landed to photograph this group which consisted of all ages but had a lovely theme of pink glam.  Joanne did all the organising for her sister and they had lovely touches for her between photobooks, bespoke vintage banners and photos hung around the walls for Mairead’s special send off!

We shot in the converted church ( totally up my alley as I collect and restore church antiques myself ) It was a fab setting for the whole event. Despite the rain we had fun indoors and cranked up the music while the girls sipped on their champagne and flicked through the memorabilia. They were a lovely fun group and totally got into the spirit of it. I would love to have been a fly on the wall to witness the rest of the doubt there would have been some craic!!

With cosy yurts , indoor accommodation, converted restored buildings, a forest, a river and beautiful surroundings it has definitely changed my views on the outdoor activity !

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