The gorgeous Marette recently popped by for a boudoir style photoshoot. This time last year Marette arrived back from Australia and wanted to hit the gym . On the advice of her friends Lisa and Shauna she joined The Warehouse Gym in Galway and put in some time every evening . Along with her hard work she also began eating clean and adjusting her diet to suit her training.  Needless to say the results are SHAMAZING…

Marette had always wanted to do a photoshoot but never had the confidence so she set herself a few goals last January and this was top of the list. In her words  “I can honestly say that it’s given me so much confidence and motivation to keep going in the gym that I’m over the moon having overcome one of my biggest fears of getting in front of he camera. ”

The morning of our shoot she got the 5* treatment from Lisa Walsh on Hair duties and Shauna Diamond on Makeup . Shauna accompanied her to the photoshoot on the day lending support and helping me fix and primp Marette into different poses. A lot of giggles and gasps were had as we captured these stunning shots of her.

I am in love with them . A mix of sexy,  hollywood, fitness, glamour and boudoir images,  twelve of which we have immortalised in her Little black book ! 

Thanks for trusting me with your first shoot and letting me share these images. Congrats on checking off that goal list !!  Natalie Xxx