Stephanies Rockabilly Hen, The beautiful Stephanie from France wrote me a moving piece when I asked her about blogging her hen party. I wasn’t aware they had been through so much to get to the hen and make the weekend happen. That’s girl power for you –  A lovely weekend was had in Galway over the christmas and I had been meaning to post it for a long time now! As with all things you fall off the wagon a bit with blogging ! Stephanie has since wed her prince charming and I cannot wait to see a few pics of the day online.. Thanks to the makeup team : Theresa Danaher and Ger Kealy Cuniffe on the day and the fabulous hair creations were by Cat from @Cats Mobile Hair . Costumes: Boudoir girls dress up box 🙂

Stephanie’s mail  :

“My hens were my mum Marie Paule, my sister Natacha who flew from France for the event! And my fiancé’s (Brendan) daughters Niamh, Katie, Roisin and their aunt Fiona. My family had never met Brendan’s family,  I really wanted them to get to know each other before the wedding. I was looking for a great bonding experience, the hen party photoshoot with the Boudoir Girls was the perfect activity”!

“I also wanted the girls to let their hair down, get pampered and unwind. My mum is full time carer, she  cares for people who have advanced Alzheimer and who are terminally ill , in their own home. She works most week ends, Christmas etc.. She deserved a break, she is so bubbly and outgoing, she loved the photoshoot and the props etc. She thought she was a movie star, she emailed me the other day to say she dreams about it at night ah ah” .

“My sister is a super mammy juggling work and looking after her 5 and 3 year old boys. She doesn’t get much ‘me’ time and still struggles with her body image post-pregnancies. She was so excited to spend the week end in Ireland, she loved the whole experience, the hair do, makeup session and photoshoot did wonder for her self esteem. She looked gorgeous” 😊

At last but not least Brendan’s daughters and sister really deserved a break too. Their grand dad/Dad had been sick in hospital for the past month (thank God he got out of hospital just before the hen party). These super women juggled daily visits at the hospital and sleepovers at their granny/mum with their jobs. It was an emotional and stressful time but they got through it together.

“The day before the hen we all went to Ennis Bridal Boutique for my dress fitting. There were a lot of ‘oh and ha’, ‘she looks amazing’, I felt like a million dollars” 😊

“We then went to Galway and checked in the Ardilaun for the photoshoot. We all had a blast, you could hear us giggling from a mile, ah ah ah”!!

“After that we went for a drink in the hotel. Brendan’s girls gave me a storybook they made especially for me, with pictures of me, from when I was a little girl to when I met their father. What a lovely gesture”…

“We then went to pub in town for a glass of prosecco, and to a nice Thai restaurant. We went to another pub afterwards, where we had cocktails, and played games like How well do you know your groom. That was fun, I got most right, except a few like his shoe size. I answered size 6  which is apparently really small for a 6’2 guy”!!!

“The following morning my sister and Brendan’s girls tried on their bridesmaids dresses. They look absolutely amazing”!

Stephanie and Brendan since tied the knot on 5th March, in Barberstown Castle, Co Kildare. Congratulations guys xxx