Ashling and her gang of hens surprised Elaine with a fun photoshoot last weekend!

The girls had booked into the Wyatt hotel in Westport so we travelled to them and had our props and accessories ready to go. The girls were in rearing form and ‘mad for the craic’ as they might say!   We danced, posed  and sang along to a few tunes including ‘My lovely Horse’ which went down a treat! The girls messed around with different looks from Mrs Doyle to whacky nuns  and we even had Elaine on horseback .. it was a bit like the Wild West!!I still between my laughing managed to capture some images of them!!

I’m sure the girls are still nursing their hangovers and chanting ‘ Mayo for sam ‘ as it happens they were from my end of the ‘schticks’ . Loved shooting ye ladies ! Hope to meet ye again on my travels!!! xxxx Natalie

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