Plus Size Model Session

Plus Size Model Session, I recently had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Sharon D whom I have worked alongside for the last few years. It’s amazing how you can know people to see in a work environment but get to know them better after a day of shooting as it’s such a personal thing. Sharon is well known on the Makeup and hair front and her wonderful daughter Mercedes lent us a helping hand on the day.  Sharon is also a signed plus size model and no better woman to advocate this. We took a few images indoor and outdoor and had plenty of fun digging through outfits and set ups between images. I love how they turned out. check out sharons plus size model page here and hit a like !

IMG_8045f IMG_8064fbw IMG_8074fbw2 Plus Size Model Session Ireland

As we are both moms ourselves we have to be careful how to portray ourselves online – its a tricky one for me in the profession I’m in I do get a few elbows, nods and winks when approached as the lady who does the ‘sexy photography’. I guess you could say I do a variety of different styles according to what each client is after and it varies so much from model portfolio shots like these to pin-up to boudoir  . I like to think women feel sexier after a shoot with me but  in reality its about empowering women to have beautiful images of themselves it doesn’t always have to be cliche ‘lingerie’ it can be a nice dress, a waistcoat a shirt … It’s also important to note that ‘NO’ you don’t have to go to the gym before a photoshoot because its about celebrating yourself now and naturally as I want you to love your photos you would be posed with the best angles and lighting. When it comes to retouching I know there are big debates of which I see both sides but I have to say I edit photos as if it were me about to be shown to the world .. would I want cellulite or an unsightly pimple ruining my snaps? Well I say whatever floats your boat if you don’t feel you want retouching then we can omit it. It’s more about just highlighting your best features rather than changing how you look to begin with.

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Here’s a link to our boudoir gallery

Thanks for reading , Natalie

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