I was so excited when Lisa got in touch with me to do a motorbike themed shoot. I do get a few garage type shots for pin-up etc however this was a bit different in that Lisa was arriving on their own bike and having it incorporated . How cool!

Having spent my youth touring Ireland with my BFF liz on my own bike it was really a nice trip down memory lane .  With the beautiful thing we call hindsight I should have had lots of motorbike shoots done at that time however the insecurities of being in front of the lens had got in the way of that .. how sorry I am! I guess its never too late but I don’t get the time to take Betsy the chopper out anymore so I mainly just keep her for other ladies to pose on and because she symbolises my wilder youth (and I cannot bear to part with her) ! Maybe when all the kids move out and my DIY home projects are all finished we might revamp her someday. I might be waiting..;)

Lisa had her makeup done by the lovely Cathy of ‘pamper U’ in Headford prior to nipping up to me. We did a more portrait / fashion style than boudoir as such. Lisa like myself is a busy mother but its also nice to be reminded that you can be a ‘mom’  and still be sexy too! Whatsmore you can also ride bikes, do ‘non’ girly things but still be feminine! Here are some images from the day.