Karrieann’s story, I remember seeing Karrieann on facebook initially and thinking wow …she would be amazing in a photoshoot .. luckily we did manage to hook up recently when she paid me a visit in Headford. Up pulled a red sports car and out jumped a feisty bubbly and fun character (K) with the lovely Ciara who is a super talented hairdresser ! Little did I know that behind all the messing and banter we were having Karrieann had such a tragic set of events happen to her . Fascinated, I asked her to tell me her story.

“It seems that somehow, I must have sinned in a past life to have to endure the pain and sorrow that has befallen me in last 12 years; firstly, my beautiful son, Jesse, just 13 years old, died tragically and then his father Johnny was also taken from us. If that wasn’t bad enough 6 months ago, my wonderful mother passed away suddenly whilst on holiday with me. I cannot begin to explain the depths of anguish and despair that fills me on a daily basis and fills my heart with unbearable pain”.

“Every single day is a major struggle but through my love of fitness, I fight back despite feeling low and depressed. There are occasions when the depression can last for weeks and it can take a similar amount of time to get myself out of it again. This battle started on the day my son passed away and not having him by my side on his bicycle encouraging me with, “come on mam, you can do this” as I ran. He is the joy in my heart and smile even though my heart is also full of pain”.

“I started my own Nails business and utilised this, by working around the clock, just to get through the days. I gave up my world of fitness then and it took me some years and the encouragement of people to find the courage and confidence to return to the fitness industry. I had great encouragement and compliments and this was instrumental in returning to fitness. I have undertaken a number of fitness courses and I am currently pursuing a professional qualification in Personal Training. I currently work part time in two gyms which greatly aids my progress”.

“To encourage and thank those who helped me to regain my interest in fitness with their positive feedback, I have also re-started making and posting short fitness clips following requests for workout material. In fact, this positive feedback led me to undertake a photoshoot, which, whilst showing progress will be improved upon”.

“My return to fitness has been very beneficial but like you all I am a work in progress and I would like to share the following with you all;

Fitness is not a punishment, it’s a blessing.

Nutrition shouldn’t be restrictive but healing.

Health isn’t a one size fits all but is worth fighting for.

Karrieann  in my eyes had the perfect figure told me she was used to being even smaller and trimmer .. this was her at her larger size and it was hard for her to even put these images out there knowing this! It goes to show ladies no matter what size we are we all go through our issues with weigh /age /looks it is important for us all to build each other up and stop to think before we judge a book by its cover. You never know what struggles people are going through behind the scenes.

A quote she shared with me seemed so fitting in this case : “It’s true, beautiful things have dents and scratches also”


Credits: outfits: Karrieann’s own

Assistance/ hair styling by Ciara Garland

Extensions: Gorgeouslocks , Galway