Last sunday morning I astounded my family when I came down the stairs looking like I was going out on the town! I was met with ‘ where the hell are you going mom ‘! Sundays are mainly a Pj’s day for us so it was a shock to the system for us all actually!  Lisa made a house call to me for hair (Lisa’s Hair Emporium) so I rocked the curls for the day! Thankfully my Gorgeous Locks extensions hold it well they were firmly intact all day and beyond!

I made my way to the G Hotel in galway and had the pleasure of meeting a fabulous network of people at the ITWBN blogger event and  1st birthday celebration. . Flocks of stylish guys and dolls decended onto Galway for the afternoon of inspiring speeches, exhibitors, beautiful cupcakes and snacks and network opportunities. The itwbn is the brainchild of Sinead Carrol (yummy mummy blog) and Saibh Egan (Saibh Egan photography) – a great idea for all of us bloggers to meet face to face , gain tips and advice and learn from each other. The whole blog scene has evolved so much since even I started in 2010.. This wordpress blog is a newer addition to my older pretty Blogger one (which I miss the look of dearly!)  I feel wordpress is handier for my own business but there are many for and against arguments I won’t get into as I don’t know enough about it if I’m honest! I prefer to be creative all day long and not delve too deeply into technical issues if I can help it. 🙂 Thankfully both Sinead and Saibh are running blogging courses so I will make my way to one in the near future to find out more!

I was very inspired by the speakers blogger Minnie Melange , Dee dunne from Castleprint  Digital media expert Wayne Denner and Karen from Karora Cosmetics  and had a few giggles with the lovely girls at my table watching the VERY  dapper @Galwayplayer and @tierneytalks doing some great impressions.  

My goody bag was stuffed with lovely bits and discounts I am dying to try out..(if my two girls don’t steal them on me first!) with great thanks to the following companies for supplying them : The body shop Ireland, Debenhams Ireland,  No 7,, Osha boutique,, Clarins, Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Karora, Isa Dora cosmetics, and Wet n Wild . It was lovely to see my friend Sinead from Cotton Face, Mary from Mez Masquerade and the other lovely exhibitors Amber.

Really looking forward to seeing the pictures of the day by Wonderfullife Productions. 

Here are a few phone snaps of the day…anyone knows me also knows when I get a chance to leave the household chores behind .. I’m ‘off off ‘, although my passion is photography I also relish the chance to sit back and have a break or just lazily snap pics on the phone when out at events…kinda like when I’m out I’m ‘out out’!  It’s so lovely to actually chat to people and engage with them. Met some adorable folks have lots of blog inspo to read . I have found most of you lovelies on twitter , facebook and instagram but if i missed you please get in touch and I can follow back or like your blog pages too. xx Natalie

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