Part of the excitement of a boudoir photo session is the preparation!

The mental Prep:

Go shopping and treat yourself to something that makes you feel sexy. From Agent provocateur to Primark we really have no excuse to not have cool lingerie pieces in our wardrobe.

Irish brands include: 1)Ophelia Lingerie 3) 5) 6) Lace and Tassels

If you are doing a boudoir photoshoot for yourself for empowerment I suggest digging out the style that brings our your most powerful alter ego! It sounds silly but we all have one. That vamp

that only comes out at certain times. Now is the time to pick that power outfit and rock it for your photoshoot. Try on your outfits and practice posing in the mirror. If there are any angles you love of yourself , note it for your photographer and incorporate them as part of your shoot.

You don’t have to conform to the normal stereotypical garter and can also rock a leather jacket, a metal T-shirt, a classy LBD or even do a little corporate look with a classic blazer. Check our the image of stunning Ms A below with a blazer and vest.

Have the photoshoot tailored to you rather than the other way around.

I do not provide a conveyor belt in-out one system fits all model as everyone has their own idea of what sexy is. There are many available photographers out there with different styles and I recommend finding the ones that you are drawn to.

Choose a playlist that you love and bring along to your photo session. Music can alter your mood for a photoshoot.

If you have been gifted a voucher by your other half or a friend, why not let them choose some pieces with you and make a couples/besties fun day of it together. If you are booking a hotel boudoir photoshoot, make this a fun bonding experience in the city of choice for your weekend break. Imagine the ultimate fun besties glamour road trip or a couples escape. Galway has such an array of amazing hotels and experiences, keep an eye on events with and

The physical prep:

Everyone says avoid fake tanning but in Ireland ? Lets face it, this is futile. If you don’t typically fake tan, you definitely don’t need to start now and if you do, then please do it at least a week prior to be on the safe side. I recommend something light like Dove. We’re just worried about the “Oompa Loompa look” and hours of editing bra straps. Sally Hansen ‘darker tan’ is handy for you die hard tanners if its last minute effort. I am a pale skinned person myself and have tried them all. If you have a ‘go to’ then use that and build it gradually moisturising all the hands, feel and areas that leave lines. I love Irish brand Cocoa Brown and build this up over a period of 2 days.

Don’t pick at facial blemishes, leave them alone (I guarantee you will make them worse!) I will edit them out of your favourite images.

Avoid salty foods and alcohol for a few days prior if you don’t want any bloating. We are in Ireland and these are staple items on the menu but healthy eating and drinking a lot of water will help make your skin look great and you’ll feel so much better too!

Accessorise, wear your favourite jewellery! Diamond earrings, pearl necklaces or leather harness belts and anything else you love will be the perfect final touch for your image.

Nails: Aside from makeup and hair , it is important not to forget the nails. That means hand and toes! You would be amazed how much this is overlooked in the rush of it all. Glue on nails are ok but ideally a nice shellac or polish on hands and toes is a nice treat prior to your photoshoot.

Have this done prior to your photoshoot or you forfeit some of your precious time.

Hair : research looks you like and have your hair styled accordingly prior to arrival. Doing your own? I never recommend an up style for boudoir as hair is so much fun to play with in photoshoots. Why waste it. A curly blow-dry or rollers the night prior will suffice. Short hair can look amazing with some strategic gelled looks, spiked, slicked etc. Look up images you like and imagine yourself with these styles.

High heels/clothing : We recommend to bring along a suitcase of all your bits, heels in your size, anything you feel really good in. Bring 2. Always consult with your photographer prior to your photoshoot to be sure you will be getting the look you are after.

Confidence: Sometimes we have to fake it till we make it’ – Take note from an introverted individual who has to work on this constantly, just turn up, throw caution to the wind and let the photographer do their job. Our purpose and goal is to light and pose you to look good, avoid the flaws you mentioned in our consultation and showcase your best self. This is supposed to be a fun occasion so let it be just that. We want you to love your images and will photograph you accordingly. Main character energy all the way! x xNatalie

Have a peek over on our Pinterest board : Lingerie for every body type for more ideas.

Credits: Natalie Greer studios/Boudoir girls photo styling and set.