I have to say Halloween has always been my favourite time of year in some ways it most likely inspired me to follow the direction I have with photography. I love dressing people up and creating fun images whether in a more formal way or even crazy freaky or scary! See some of our past shoots attached. Anything goes and thats what I love about it. The house decorating begins around the start of October I sly in some decor so hubby won’t give out to me but he should be well used to it after living with me for the last 17 years! We didn’t build a romantic gothic house to not go a bit mad decorating. Promise to share a few pics on my FB soon of different corners .

I have compiled a playlist from an older blogpost for you here for your halloween party , naturally there are some new ones out now that would also suit the theme e.g. The Weekend , Kelis  OR you can just go out and buy a CD now that has them all picked for you I did spot one in Heatons last week and it had a lot of these tunes . (would have saved me the time !) Thought I’m guessing like myself most people play their music through the phones now. Tune in radio used to have great halloween channels playing spooky sounds 24 hours. Hook up to your speaker and your sorted..!

Credits on photos: Sizzors Wizards Ennis shoot in 2014 ,  (Melissa Healy MUA on makeup , the talented team on hair.

Mez Costumes for the Harlequin costume

Last image Kate Golden MUA – shot in Headford with coffin prop , inglot cosmetics



These are more mainstream songs I could think of ..

Alice Cooper- poison
The smiths – Panic at the disco (hang the dj )
The prodigy – The poison/the remedy
Basement Jaxx – where’s your head at
Adamski – killer
Blue oyster cult – Don’t fear the reaper
Motorhead – Ace of spades
Britney Spears – Toxic
dead or alive – you spin me
electric six- danger high voltage
ELO – evil woman
Santana – black magic woman
Kenny loggins – Danger zone
Blondie- heart of glass
LEd zeppelin- stairway to heaven
Evanescence – Bring me to life
Evanescence – going under
Falco – Rock me amadeus
Ray Parker – Ghostbusters
Meatloaf – dead ringer for love
Garbage – Paranoid
The Cure – Lullaby
Tatu – not gonna get us
Marilyn Manson – sweet dreams
MArilyn Manson – This is Halloween
Ne-yo – She’s a monster
The yeah yeah yeah’s – Heads will Roll (the project X remix is epic)
Shakira – She wolf
Sia/david guetta – She wolf (new one)
Def leppard- Animal
Iron maiden – seventh son of a seventh son
Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra
The Cranberries – Zombie
Thin lizzy – Killer on the loose
Rocky horror – Time warp
Warren Zevon- werewolves of london
Kernkraft – Zombie nation
Rockwell – somebody watching me
Sophie ellis Bextor – murder on the dancefloor
Beatfreakz – superfreak
The rasmus – In the shadows
AC/DC – Highway to hell
Bananarama- Venus
Shakespeares sister – Stay
Cypres Hill – insane in the membrane
The prodigh – outer space
Pink- funhouse
Madness – house of fun
Inxs – devil inside
Inxs – suicide blonde
Kyile Minogue – Better the devil you know ( super cheesy yes I know!)
Queen – killer queen
Queen – Bohemian rhapsody
Lady gaga – monster
Metallica – Sanitarium
Rita Ora – RIP
Rhianna- Disturbia
Christina Perry – Jar of hearts
Lana Del rey – Born to die  – (save these for the slow set!)
Metallica – enter sandman
Bangles – Walk like an egyptian
White lies – to lose my life
Freddy le grand – the creeps
Bjork – play dead
Echo and the bunnymen/The doors – people are strange
freeks – get on the dancefloor
Drop kick murphy’s – shipping up to Boston
Nelly Furtado – Maneater
Radiohead – Creep
Space- female of the species
Stooche – Black heart
Talking heads – psycho killer
The prodigy – firestarter
The shamen – Ebeneezer goode
The smiths – girlfriend in a coma
The specials – ghost town (always think of father ted for this one but it never gets old!)
AC/DC – thunderstruck
The police – every breath you take
The village people – YMCA
Aerosmith – dude looks like a lady
Backstreet boys – everybody
Pink- just like a pill
Scissor sisters – filthy gorgeous
Michael JAckson – Thriller and Bad
Eight wonder – I’m not scared
Beyonce – beautiful nightmare
Hole – celebrity skin
The automatic – monster
Tenacious D – Tribute
Divine comedy – something for the weekend
Abc – shoot that poison arrow
Aphex twin – window licker (just a freaky song + vid so had to throw it in )
Adams family theme song
Monster mash
The Munsters theme song
Ballroon blitz and the usual classics