Father Ted Hen Party Ideas

The lovely Annette contacted me recently to photograph a hen party for Grainne the bride to be ..she also happens to be the biggest fan of the Father Ted Series ..EVER !

We conferred on ideas and what they would bring along. Boy were they on the money with all the details. They had a quiz on the show ready along with champagne flowing and goodies galore ! They even had the ‘sangwiches’ and ‘schkonnes’ ready. We made use of the beautiful apartment overlooking the docks. I thought it was a joke when they said they booked ‘The finest apartment in Galway’ but that was the actual name of it and it didn’t disappoint !


After the quiz the ladies had lots of banter and we recreated funny poses all over the apartment including Mrs Doyle on the window ledge, The gang in the bath, bed and of course some funny kitchen ones too. We finished with a glam shot of the ladies before the night out on the tiles in Galway along with a hearty rendition of ‘My lovely horse’…..:)

Annette and the girls were a pleasure to shoot and left me a lovely testimonial on my facebook page (thanks girls!!)

Looking forward to seeing Grainne the brilliant Mrs Doyle transform to a beautiful bride soon .

If you are booking a hen party and fancy this as your theme let us know and we can also provide props and accessories to suit. We have horse heads, crosses, lovely girls sashes , nuns outfits and lots of Mrs Doyle accessories too! Its not a glam hen party theme but certainly a fun one and of course as you can see from the last image glam can follow it 🙂