You’ve set the wedding date… you’ve thought about buying him the ultimate Wedding night groom gift …A Boudoir session ! Here are 3 tips to think about before the date of your photoshoot.

  1. Grab a girlfriend and take a day to shop or pull out a few of your favourite outfits for your Boudoir photo session . This is half the fun of the build up and excitement prior to a photoshoot … imagining what to wear , googling ideas and being inspired. A few items I recommend my Brides to be to bring along are : Your Veil, Stiletto shoes , his shirt, his tie , 2/3 sets of underwear or body suits. We can also supply corsets like this one from our closet featured in the above image of the lovely Sue. A consultation with your photographer will help you know what else to pack for your boudoir photo session.
  2. Before the Photoshoot make sure to pamper yourself either by booking in for nails and hair / makeup. Feeling amazing is part of this whole experience and nothing feels better than looking in the mirror after a Makeover and knowing you are going to rock it !! Instead of striking fear into you boudoir should be something you see as a super fun girly experience . As a result of this sometimes girls book in together – it all depends on what kind of bestie you have and how comfortable you would be yourself .
  3. Make the photographer aware of any likes/dislikes that you may have about your body so that they can make the best of what you have and pose you best to avoid the bits you are not so confident with. Posing and lighting is all part of making you look amazing and its nice to know that the final result will showcase your beauty to its fullest potential. A lot of girls I photograph see a pic in camera and can’t believe its themselves. I have to literally show them a sneaky one so they don’t get confused as to what I retouch. My own stance is no judgement on this area, if its something you like in images then that’s what we do but we also like to keep them looking as natural as possible too . We don’t turn you into someone else but if there are a few blemishes, bruises, tan lines, cellulite, small old tattoos then hell yes we can get rid of them ! If you prefer not to thats cool too. We just want you to feel beautiful and fall in love with your images !
Bridal boudoir photography  with Sue Kelly for boudoir girls boudoir studio Galway
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