Halloween photoshoot

Halloween photoshoot The funny thing about taking photos all the time and for a living , you don’t tend to be in very many yourself.  Phones have changed all that with the selfies but it’s  true of a lot of us moms , we are always clicking away but never remembering to hop in to it as well! If like me you have an aversion to the camera you’d best be getting over it soon as we are not getting any younger !

I prefer to hide away and just create things all day long but its important to try and be in a few .. and try to enjoy it more to the point !   My mission for what’s left of 2018 and for next year is to take more of my own family and be in a few more . As Halloween is my ABSOLUTE favourite time of year I decided to start with that. 🙂


I wanted to show that we can all be transformed with a little makeup and hair (wigs or extensions)  Even me .. out of the hoody and jeans for an hour

Iris Apfel said it perfectly in her quote  “When we were small children we all played dress-up and everybody had a good time. So why stop” ?


So .. here is a little glimpse of a few more images from the set and some behind the scenes.

With the help of my daughter Veda we took a few humorous Halloween photoshoot for this year including the  funny experiment below lol. (not enough light and yes I don’t think the blue  does much for the complexion but we had such a belly laugh at this,  it was so worth it .

Some of the effects were just quickly photoshopped in I realised that if I waited for it all to be perfect I’d probably never post it ! So yes I can pick holes all day long in the effects on some of these but they are just for laughs and I am trying not to be too self critical or take it too seriously.  It’s just fun after all.










Behind the scenes collage

Reading how to get my kids to eat their greens!
Halloween photoshoot
When you open the Gin on a friday night like…..
Halloween photoshoot Ireland
Cooking up some mischief with our little Mr Chewy
Halloween photoshoot Ireland
When the brownie recipe doesn’t go to plan …





This is what I like to do for others. Transform regular housewives any age , any size  into sexier alter egos  🙂

If you think you’d like to try it but feel your too old , too big , too late , think again . xxx