Here are 5 tips on how to achieve a lovely boho look or festival style for your hen party.

Colours: Boho style is known for its earthy colour palette. Think browns, blacks, creams, olive greens, orange and khaki but to bring this more up to date add a dash of red or any bright colour that appeals to you as we have done with our model Stephanie Casserly in our editorial styled boho shoot. We paired an oriental top with simple modern red shorts and a floral headband from penney’s for this look to show how simple but striking it can look.

Clothes: Floral dresses, crochet tops, white vest and jeans, long cardi’s , denim shorts, waistcoats, suede jackets or leather jackets for a modern twist paired with the jewellery below will have you rocking that look. Just remember not to overlayer with the longer items or you could end up looking swamped! A trendy beanie or baseball hat lends itself well to the festival chic.


Jewellery: Ladies you will have fun accessorizing for this theme as you can layer on plenty of bracelets and rings , add chunky jewellery or an ethnic style scarf all of which are most likely in your collection already. Floral /feather Headbands and hair jewelry are everywhere right now so you can use this as an excuse to throw them on.


Shoes: If our Irish weather permits it pull out those lovely gladiator sandals or beaded sandals from last year! They suit this look perfectly. If like me you don’t care to brave the elements with bare feet unless its well over 18 degrees then try the following: Ugg boots, flat leather boots, flat ankle boots or even funky wellies paired with a long sock and jeans. You will be snug but still stylish!


Your personal style:

The above is just a guide for you but its important to put your own spin on any outfit . Focus on what you like yourself and if it is a more high end glitz and glam look then pair some of your designer pieces and accessories with your favourite sunnies for a trendy twist on it. In our festival styled hen shoot we used modern funky T-shirts, tunic tops and paired them with denim shorts/dungarees and different style headbands.


A boho style hen party or festival hen is a themed activity option for your girlfriends photoshoot , birthday celebration or Galway hen party with boudoir girls. We can shoot a more stylized boho scene at your hotel or offer a call out glamping shoot on location. Hope our images inspire you to try this trendy and casual theme with your girlfriends. Want more ideas? Check out our hen gallery here

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Credits: Stephanie Casserly Model, Jade Costello, Alana Folan, Aoife Geraghty models
Makeup on Jade, Aoife and Alanna: Theresa Danaher Makeup flair Galway, Styling Fiona Costello
VW Bus available for weddings / hens etc Costellos Corofin.
Makeup on Stephanie Casserly Eva beauty rooms Galway, styling Natalie Greer