Vintage Photo shoot

1. Everybody looks good in Vintage Style:

It was the era where all bodies were “Good Bodies”. There was no body shaming of any kind. The Marilyns and Audreys of the world were celebrated equally. Hence it’s a style of photography that suits all women of all ages. Whether you’re a size 2, 32 anything beyond or inbetween, you can rock your beautiful body in a glamorous Vintage style shoot.

2. No need to fret over your photo face:

You know the one, your go to face for photographs. You have it honed to perfection, just the right amount of eyes and teeth. With Vintage shoot you don’t have to worry about your photo face because fun is key. We will work with you to find the poses and faces to make you look the most gorgeous version of yourself. All you have to focus on is enjoying the experience.

3. You can be whoever you want to be:

Are you a doting housewife, femme fatale, a pin up queen or the girl next door? It’s your shoot you can be whoever you want to be. Play the vixen, be coy and innocent it’s entirely up to you. You choose a style that works for you, heck why be limited to one choice, you can show all of your sides in true vintage style. The only limit is your imagination! Fear not about the clothing, props and accessories, at Boudoir Girls we have a huge selection for you to choose from.

4. Glamour reigned supreme:

In our busy lives of college, work, babies, sometimes all three and more. It can be hard to juggle your life and feel gorgeous. Leave the modern world behind for one day, be pampered and feel ultra gorgeous, not to mention having the pictures as bragging rights afterwards.

Indulge in some vintage glamour and feel ultra sexy without stripping off, unless of course that is your desire. Tasteful, glamourous lingerie or peekaboo shots are part of our speciality.

5. A gift for you, a memorable day with the girls or a gift for someone special.

A Boudoir Girls shoot is the perfect gift! You can treat yourself to some beautiful vintage style photographs. You could organise a day to remember with your best girlfriends, what better way to celebrate your friendship than getting all dolled up, having a giggle and some gorgeous prints to remember the day. A picture of you looking retro gorgeous is also the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Imagine how delighted they will be to see you captured on film looking your most gorgeous. It’s a gift for you and for them.